New holland ts115a problems

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New holland ts115a problems

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Fixing the TS115A Lights

Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere. Massey Ferguson. View previous topic :: View next topic. We have a TSA hrs with the 16X16 Auto shift transmission, I just noticed that when driving and shifting from low range to high range It will grind a little even with the clutch pressed in.

Wondering if the clutches need calibrating, or does this sound like syncros? It shifts through all of the gears nice and smooth, it only grinds when going from low range to high while moving.

new holland shuttle trouble

The shuttle lever when put in reverse will pop back to neutral at first, if I hold it in it will stay makes no abnormal noises. Does this no matter the gear only in reverse.

It has the power shuttle on the left side of steering wheel. If I shift it to low it will move and everything works fine.

New Holland transmission problem

The only way I can get it to go into high range is if I put it in high with the key off and then turn the key on and it will show I am in high. If I turn the key on while it is in low range and then shift into high it wont read that I am in high range. If I let the tractor sit over night it will go into high like normal but once if runs for about 30 minutes in high it kicks me out.

I am thinking that the grinding problem may be a bad shift cable or shift rail sensor and the shuttle problem might me a electronic issue or a bad solenoid. Any in put would be greatly appreciated.

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Back to top. I don't recall shifting ranges on any tractor while moving, and as I recall owner's manuals cautioning against it, on red and green, nor on blue. If you are in a range you can up shift easily while moving, but not necessarily down shift as smoothly, especially if you have the PTO engaged. Personally, I wouldn't do it It can be done, just don't do it. I would start with a recal on the trany. On my ts it helped for a little while but ended up putting in the sycro in it.

Not a bad job mine was the forward reverse sycro. Split behind engine lots and lots of small parts, the shop manual from NH is very poorly writen. Thanks for the input guys.

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Do you know if NH will stand behind the recall even though it has hrs?Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. I was kind of looking at the TS's, but have been noticing that the or so models are close to the same price as a T or even more expensive. What gives? Both are about the same horsepower? Are the T's a lighter tractor built more for hay operations than crops and that's why they're cheaper? Even the new 's are quite a bit more expensive than the 's. The TS series tractor is a good tough machine, lots of people want one nobody that has one wants to give theirs up.

As far as way more tractor you mean working weight and features? Just seemed crazy the TSA with hours is about the same price as a brand new T Where did they cut corners on the 's? What's the difference in the 's and the A's?

I think if you look the pto range will be at the will be at All I do is cut, bale, and run a batwing. I've never complained about having too much power, but would definitely complain if I were lacking. I am with you rather have to much power and not need it than not enough and need it.

There are some nice 's for sale within hours of me too. If the baler pulls it down something is fixing to give. It has enough power to do everthing we do at work with ease.

Its good on fuel because nothing we have loads it. We disk bushhogg and bale hay with it. Using the same implements the is more fuel effiecent than my M kubota. If they had to actually work with a Spade and Hoe versus electing them we would all be better off Caustic Burno Discussion in ' The Workshop ' started by casemanNov 30, Log in or Sign up.

Joined: Sep 2, Messages: I have a ts sle when i shuttle her foward it won't move and fault N shows. This happened a few times earlier in the year and when i cut the power it sorted itself but not this time. Any ideas thanks. Joined: May 12, Messages: 5, Joined: Apr 29, Messages: Location: donegal. Is there not a sensor in the seat. It won't move if it thinks your not on the seat? Joined: Dec 16, Messages: Location: N. I had this problem with my Tried all sorts of things including a new shuttle lever.

It started off as a intermittent problem where it failed to engage occasionally, but ended up where we couldn't move the tractor at all. Finally traced fault to be a wiring connection problem on the loom under cab floor. Joined: Feb 19, Messages: Location: Cavan. Iv had similar trouble with a tm put a new shuttle lever on it made no difference had to take of the floor of the cab and the cover on the loom had rubed away and one wire was shorting there taped it up and then taped up the hole loom well and it seems to have it sorted i hope.

Has being gonig fine for the last couple of weeks anyway. The ManDec 1, Joined: Oct 16, Messages: 9, Location: Carlow. I had a similar trouble with the Class and it went on for two years. It would go into forward or reverse but hop back to N on the info on the pillar.

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Everytime we thought it was fixed but in the end it was the upper safety switch on the clutch pedal either faulty or incorrectly adjusted. New switch in it anyway and touchwood :sweatdrop:.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity Trending Threads. Members Registered members Current visitors. Calendar Monthly Upcoming Events. New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. New Holland transmission problem.

Thread starter puppet Start date Apr 3, Location sw scotland. Any ideas on a with electronic shift which has an intermittent fault? It suddenly loses drive, warning light shows low pressure then everything returns after switching off for a few minutes.

Can happen hot or cold or in several gears. Brief warning with a jerky feeling when opening or closing the throttle then freewheels to a standstill. Oil and filter change helped for a few days but perhaps a coincidence.

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Location herefordshire. Make sure the filters are on properly and recalibrate gear box that's what I would do first.During its seven-year life cycle, the TS proved to be the most popular in the range, with more than 12, sold. While there was a two-wheel-drive option, most UK tractors would have been delivered with four-wheel drive. Its popularity was boosted by the simplicity with which a turbocharger could be retrofitted. Upgrade While the manufacturer frowned upon such behaviour, many of its dealers happily supplied and endorsed the upgrade, lifting power to about hp.

It was this mix of strength and versatility which soon made the TS a desirable high power-to-weight ratio workhorse. In standard guise, the 7. This gave a maximum power increase by about 5hp see specification panel, bottom rightwith torque increasing by about 10 per cent at PTO speeds.

The engine was a fairly robust unit capable of a lot of hours. Expect slight oil weeping on high-hour engines, but it will be the exception rather than the rule - engines should be clean and dry. Exhaust manifold cracking under the silencer mounting is easily identified resolved. However, you must lift off the exhaust stack to fully open the rear portion of the bonnet.

The engine featured a viscous cooling fan, single poly V-belt with auto tensioner and a Lucas DPS fuel injection pump. No complicated common rail here making the PowerStar engine a fairly low-maintenance motor. WITH the transmission, New Holland was anxious to get over issues it had experienced with the series tractors, and as a result, made sure the Dual Command transmission was free of any major concern.

The 24 by 24 transmission, Dual Command gave two powershift speeds in each of its 12 gears. A clutchless synchronised shuttle was also included, and located in the right-hand console along with the rest of the transmission controls. When the 16 by 16 Electroshift transmission pictured below arrived at the beginning ofthe shuttle control was relocated to the left of the steering column, and became more convenient to use.

New Holland TS115A Specifications

Gear lever control buttons are also known to fail and any jumpiness in clutch-packs should be easily sorted with recalibration by a New Holland dealer. Synchro Command is the basic 12 by 12 gearbox. While tough as old boots, its dry clutch can take a hammering, so be wary of any excessive wear.

Four spool valves were an option on all TS derivatives, as was ground speed radar and slip control. Lift capacities varied. Dual Command and Synchro Command models could have category two linkage with single assistor ram and would lift 4. Twin assistor ram models had Walterscheid hook ends and a higher 6.Jump to content.

new holland ts115a problems

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 12 August - PM. My TS was doing the same thing then got worse. Eventually I couldn't shift at all. Posted 13 August - PM. Thank you for the replies.

I have found that its not designed to shift from low range to high on the fly. Hay master how did you isolate your issue to the cable?

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Remove side panel. Cable is crimped onto lever. Move lever--outside of cable moves in and out of crimping, not the inside. Used a couple of hose clamps to hold it in position. Yes Ralph I was meaning you. Does the shift leaver physically shift the range from the ranges or is it all electronic?

Could this be a syncro or do you thing its a dead ringer for a bad cable like yours and Teslans? Thank you for the help. Posted 14 August - AM. Mine was stuck in the range or on high rangecouldn't get it to shift into the or at all after a while. It's kind of hard to say Posted 14 August - PM. Ralph that is diffrent than our T if cable broke on low side we would have only. If cable broke when on high side you would have only If cable broke when range lever was in neutral you would not move 1 inch untill new cable was installed.

Thanks for the replies I am going to check the cable tomorrow and see what condition its in. I will let you know what I finde. Posted 01 September - PM.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity Trending Threads.

new holland ts115a problems

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Location south glos. Location Herefordshire.

new holland ts115a problems

That sounds like alot of money! If i remember the labour was more than the part replaced! Location Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

new holland ts115a problems

Location England. That is expensive, but absolutly quite possible at dealer parts and labour rate. You are stuck as they have it apart in their work shop in x 10, bits and have you by the balls so to speak. Maybe get them to list parts in 2 sections - "must be replaced" and "recomended to be replaced". Hell of a big bill for a tractor that's only done hrs?. I'd be tempted to trade it in SilliamWhale Member. Location Does it matter anymore how far WalterP is from me?

Can you find someone independent to mend it for you? Tractor is at new holland dealer in bits, I'm a bit stuffed? Going to dealer tomorrow to see for myself. Ray Member. Location N. I have TS that had that very same problem. Like you we could get it going for a while then just when we thought we had it sorted it would play up again! Last edited: Sep 22, Another tip - make sure they sell you a lt drum of oil and then you take the rest home afterwards - dont let them sell you the oil in 20lt drums for back end - the price will be nearly double.

Hi it's dave k can you tell me how to calibrate the gearbox please. Search for the thread nh t calibration and the sequence is there.

I cant post the thread up im afraid. GreaseMonkey Member.


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